Helicopter Safaris

Helicopter Safaris

Welcome to Helibiz Helicopter Safaris – these flying adventures have an amazing impact on all those who participate, whether you are a pilot, aircraft owner or simply a lucky traveller on board.

Our most popular safaris include Tasmania, Cape York, The Kimberly’s and the Outback – Since 2006 we have actually covered the best part of the whole country, our most  recent safari included the Kimberly region and Central Australia – absolutely stunning!

The Safari program is designed for helicopter owners to join the Helibiz Helicopter Safari crew on a Aussie adventure into the unknown, whilst meeting new friends and in particular, improve your flying skills and ability in the company of Helibiz Helicopter Safari instructors and crew.

Often a trip into the beautiful remote areas of Australia, can be daunting to a single pilot, but when travelling in company with the experienced Safari crew (who are familiar with aviation and planning), just makes such an adventure easy, fun and rewarding.

A typical safari may include 10 – 20 helicopters, all types (piston & turbine) and pilots with different levels of ability – many of our Safarian’s have only just completed their licence. You will not find a better way to listen and learn about flying helicopters, whilst having a great time, networking among fellow pilots/owners, whilst having the experience of the Helibiz Helicopter Safari crew on hand.

For more information contact Helibiz today info@helibiz.com

Our Previous Safaris

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