Helicopter Training

Helicopter Training

HELIBIZ prides itself on providing the highest quality individual training.

To achieve this we train one on one to ensure that our students get the most value out of their effort – and you are not lost in the crowd. Flying helicopters is a truly rewarding experience as a private pilot or as a commercial career BUT it is very important you learn to fly with a well respected flying school and instructor in order to be well trained and be employable. It all starts here.

Our training area is the beautiful “Whitsundays” – includes mountain ranges, islands, outback desert country, remote landscapes and a coastal environment.

Our region includes Class D & Class C airspace to ensure you’re commercially ready for any airport in Australia. Our region offers almost 365 days a year flying weather.

Helicopter Training Courses

The School

Located in beautiful Airlie Beach, the gateway to the Whitsunday Islands, our training facilities include air‐conditioned training classrooms, private study areas, kitchen, lunch area and a helicopter show room. Other facilities include our helicopter display showroom and Engineering center.

Helibiz is a commercial operator, so you will have access to our engineering hangar and support services offering invaluable insight into the mechanical aspects of rotary wing aircraft. We apply a sound level of engineering and mechanical knowledge within the flying course – this will make you a better pilot & more employable

Training and Endorsements are also available in the following helicopter types:

  • Robinson R22
  • Robinson R44
  • Robinson R66
  • Bell B206
  • Bell B407
  • Airbus AS350
  • Airbus EC120
  • Airbus EC130

Private Licence

A private helicopter licence allows you to fly anywhere in Australia but you cannot fly for money, this is reserved for the Commercial licence holder.

You will need to achieve the following:

  • Apply to CASA for your ARN ( Aviation Reference Number )
  • Apply for your ASIC security card.
  • You must be 17 years old to hold a PPLH  licence. (You may commence training at 16 but you must be 17 to sit the PPLH flight test.)
  • You must pass a PPLH theory exam as set by CASA ( Courses available at Helibiz)
  • Hold a valid Class 2 aviation medical certificate.

Flight Training

No previous aviation or academic experience necessary.

Minimum 50 hours training of which ‘include’ a minimum of:

  • General – Dual     20 hours
  • General – Solo     10 hours
  • Navigation – Dual     9 hours
  • Navigation – Solo     6 hours

Converting from Fixed Wing to Helicopter 

PPLA to PPLH: 38 hour course (minimum)    GST is applicable on all private courses



Helibiz schedule a PPL theory course every 3 months – contact us for details

  • Aerodynamics
  • Navigation
  • Flight Rules & Air Law
  • Human Factors
  • Operations, Performance & Planning
  • Meteorology
  • Aircraft General Knowledge

*Click on the Helicopter Theory Course tab for more information*

Commercial Licence

The Commercial Pilot Licence (CPLH) allows you to be paid to fly helicopters and gives you the opportunity to have an exciting and rewarding career in the helicopter industry.

To hold a Commercial Pilots Licence you must be at least 18 years of age at the time of the flight test, have passed a CPL helicopter theory exam as set by CASA, meet all that is required to meet CASA Standards and have completed at least a total of 125 hours or 105 hours provided the last 30 hours are conducted within 90 days.

Training includes:

  • 40 hours dual flying
  • 35 hours hours solo flying
  • 25 hours of general flight time as a pilot in command
  • A pass in the CPL flight test for helicopters
  • Hold a Class 1 Aviation Medical
  • Hold a valid ASIC card

If you hold a commercial aeroplane licence, then a minimum of 70 hours flying is required.

How Long Does It Take?

Full time is approximately 8-10 weeks depending on weather and your level of skill. Expect to fly 3-4 hours per day plus classroom flight briefs. Our student training is conducted on a “ONE on ONE” basis …… we are NOT a sausage factory, and attention to detail and your employ-ability is number ONE.

Employment Prospects

Helibiz ensures that every student has the best possible opportunities for employment at the end of their CPL training. Helibiz has a very highly regarded reputation within the industry, and we are the first port of call for many operators looking to employ low-hour pilots.

Private Theory ( PPL )

Helibiz runs private theory courses throughout the year at Airlie Beach. These courses take 3 weeks covering all 7 subjects.

  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Flight
  • Planning & Performance
  • Human Factors
  • Air Law
  • Aerodynamics
  • Systems – BAK

The PPLH exam is only “one” exam – it covers all 7 subjects, and is a “multiple choice, A B C or D” style exam performed on a computer at an approved ASL exam center ( Mackay ).

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Commercial Theory

Commercial theory is more involved – each subject is taught separately and examined separately – so there are 7 individual exams which are conducted at an approved exam center. These exams are presented as a “multiple choice answer – A B C or D”. The pass rate is 70-80% depending on which exam.

Advanced Flight Theory ( AFT) on the Sunshine Coast provide full time CPL courses which last 9-10 weeks or Helibiz can provide CPL distance learning packages. All seven (7) subjects are covered during the course and each subject is examined separately in house.

The exams are of a multiple choice type performed on line. Theory subjects are:

  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Flight
  • Planning & Performance
  • Human Factors
  • Air Law
  • Aerodynamics
  • Systems – BAK

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Distance Learning Course -­ PPL & CPL

Alternatively we offer the PPL & CPL Distance Learning Course (DLC), which are Australia’s most comprehensive courses, producing excellent results. These are learn at home courses. The DLC kits include all the required textbooks, training charts, flight computer and cyber practice exams, plus support from the team at AFT by phone or email.

Distance Learning Courses are available at our training school for (PPL), exempt (CPL) and covers all you need to know about flying a helicopter. Our flight instructors can also offer tuition if required at very reasonable rates.  Contact us

Helicopter Flight Review (FR)

CASA require all Private and Commercial pilots to undergo a FR every 2 years to maintain validation of your pilots licence. This will need to be conducted with a CASA approved Flying School by a qualified flight instructor. Usually the flight is minimum 1 hour plus ground time for oral component and documentation/certification of your log book and licence.

A FR (flight review) is just that – it’s a review of your flying and an opportunity to tidy up any aspects of your flying that need tuning up. This may include autorotations, emergency procedures, precision approaches, engine failures after takeoff to name a few. The FR is not a test, it is review to make sure you fly safe and understand all the basic procedures you need to maintain your licence. The oral component may consist of general questions on various topics including but not limited to – rules and regulations, low flying, refueling, performance, general knowledge on your helicopter, weight & balance, etc.

At Helibiz, Flight Reviews are carried out by experienced Grade 1 instructors, who can provide advanced training safely and efficiently. 

Allow half a day minimum to conduct the HFR.


  • R22:   $645 + GST per hour + $195 ground school fee and log book certification.
  • R44:   $995 + GST per hour + $195 ground school fee and log book certification.
  • Instructor Time in your Helicopter: $295 + GST per hour + $195 ground school fee and log book certification.

Advanced R44 Training

Helibiz is the only flying school in Australia to offer an R44 Advanced training course. The course is suited to both Private and Commercial pilots who want to advance their flying ability and learn to fly the R44 in all areas of emergencies safer, more efficient and develop a significant increase in competence and knowledge The advanced training is structured on a current competency basis, with an outlook to improve your skills in the following areas:

  • Precision DEP and APP technique ( necessary for safe autorotation on Take Off and Landing – T/O & L)
  • Engine failures during T/O and L at 300’, 200’, 100’, 50’.
  • Explore the height velocity graph with engine failures at 500’ & 400’ AGL at zero speed
  • Autorotations using Min ROD, Max Glide, constant attitude at 45 & 55 knots.
  • 180 & 360, vertical, backwards, sideways autos.
  • Low Level quickstops Left & Right including pedal input sideways to raise TR height for obstacle clearance.
  • Vertical reference T/O & L.
  • Low Level maneuvers – torque turns, spray turns, reversal turns, 180 quick stops L & R.
  • Revisit hydraulics off, T/O & L.
  • TR failures in hover, taxi & flight.
  • Jammed Pedals, Cyclic, Collective – zero speed technique.
  • Pinnacle precision approaches to our cliff top pad with turbulence – quite challenging!
  • Confined area landings ( eg: light house, pontoon on Great Barrier Reef, rainforest remote HLS, rocky island HLS) plus much more.

In addition we discuss and ensure you understand the following conditions which could happen on any day – these are practical areas that need to be understood:

  • Vortex Ring State ( settling with power ) – Demonstrated in flight with recovery technique.
  • Low RRPM & recovery –
  • Mast Bumping – symptoms, cause & recovery
  • LTE – Loss of TR effect, symptoms, causes, avoid zones – recovery techniques.
  • Governor Failure

After years of conducting helicopter flight reviews, the greater majority of pilots tested we found a general lack of ability and understanding in emergency procedures and advanced flying techniques –  hence the idea of the course. The course is individually tailored to the participant’s ability and desires. There is room to be flexible in order that you gain training in areas of your choice. The advanced training is a R44 course only.

  • Advanced  Course:
    $1195/hr + GST in our R44 (We recommend you have 3-5 hours training)

Low Level Rating

A low level rating is required before you can add any of the following endorsements:
– Sling
– Fire Bombing
– Mustering
– Ariel Application

Water (fire) bombing, power line inspections, helicopter rescue, photography and mustering are just the start of the list of helicopter activities that require the pilot to have a low level rating and proficiency in flight operations below 500 feet.

The low level rating with Helibiz provides pilots with the knowledge and skills to proficiently operate a helicopter in an environment that can be hostile to the unwary!

This course includes recognition of low level hazards, general flight, advanced handling and vital low level emergency procedures.

It makes sense that commercial pilots seeking to work within the industry require this qualification and we highly recommend this course to all private pilots operating from remote properties and those wishing to improve their skill base.


  1. This training is provided to all Helibiz commercial students during their CPL training.
  2. Under the new rules – a Low Level Rating requires a separate FLIGHT TEST 

English Language Proficiency (GELP & ELP)

nǐ hǎo” “salut” “bonjour” “Selamat pagi” “Ciao” “g’day”

Helibiz welcomes students from many backgrounds – yet learning the language of aviation is difficult and requires a suitable grasp of the English language. Australian and international regulatory requirements include an English Language Proficiency assessment be conducted prior to flight training and gaining an Australian or international licence.

Helibiz CFI holds approval to conduct this assessment for you.

SLING Endorsement  

Helicopters are unique in their ability to carry cargo, equipment, supplies and – in some cases – people from a ‘sling’ line or rope attached to the helicopter.

Pilots operating helicopters with sling loads requires specialist sling training to operate in a variety of industries including; rescue, construction, jungle re-supply, shipping, agriculture and forestry to name a few!

NOTE: Helibiz have their own Flight Examiner in house, who holds approval to provide the necessary training and also carry out the FLIGHT TEST for the issue of the SLING endorsement.

LL Sling Endorsement

Helibiz offers both a basic or advanced course level depending on your experience and needs. We recommend this key endorsement for those pilots who have gained some experience in their career and are looking for the next step.

GTE – Gas Turbine Endorsement

Gas Turbine engines offer great advantages over piston engine helicopters as they are smaller, lighter, more powerful and considered more reliable.

As gas turbine engines in helicopters are becoming less expensive – they are becoming more common. To fly a helicopter with a gas turbine engine a pilot must undertake a course on the composition and operational requirements of these engines and then conduct specific flight training in the helicopter.



Helibiz can offer a variety of turbine helicopters for your training requirements including:


  • Robinson R66
  • Bell 206 – Longranger
  • Airbus – EC120
  • Airbus – EC130
  • Airbus – AS 350 (Squirrel)
  • Bell 407

FLAG -Float Alighting Gear

Ever wanted to land on water?

If you answered yes – then you’ll need a ‘Float Alighting Gear’ endorsement. This endorsement is carried out with ‘fixed’ floats replacing the skids on a helicopter and is a fun and rewarding challenge for any pilot. If you are thinking about working in the fishing industry such as “TUNA” spotting, then it is most likely you will need a FLAG endorsement. Helibiz has experienced an instructor with fixed floats.  Contact us

Flight Training & Aviation Theory Courses

Individual Training

At Helibiz all of our training is based around the individual and our instructors time is allocated to a person -­‐ not a group! In doing this Helibiz is able to focus training on the needs of the student to achieve their goals by tailoring all aspects of training one-on-­one.

By the end of your course you will operate inside and outside control zones with confidence and ease. You will navigate with pinpoint accuracy (without a GPS!). You will confidently land and depart from unique and confined areas, offshore platforms and pads. You will have the tools to recognize and appropriately react to ‘abnormal’ situations and malfunctions. This ensures that you will progress your private or commercial flying career with a ‘toolbox’ of skills that are transferable to any flying operation.

Unparalleled Emergency Training

Helibiz Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) demands that all instructors maintain a standard of excellence in instructing emergencies -­ and that all students, private and commercial,

Are trained above and beyond what is normally experienced in standard flight training.

Theory Courses

We offer professional full time tuition theory courses here at Helibiz, Airlie Beach. These theory courses are designed for those wishing to obtain their private helicopter licence with an experienced ground school instructor in an air-conditioned class room environment with an operational hangar for extra hands on tuition.

Contact Troy Holloway at Helibiz for further information.

Email: troy@helibiz.com
Phone: 0749469422

Key Features Of Helicopter Training At Helibiz

One on One Training

We do not operate as a large “factory type” school – we train you “one on one”. Our aim is to train you to a higher standard than the basic course, to ensure you are competent and safe as a private pilot and if you are commercial, then we need you to be more advanced than the average student so you are more “employable”.

In addition to flight skills, we will improve your aircraft mechanical & electrical knowledge. It is imperative a pilot has a sound level of this knowledge to assist in making responsible decisions in flight.

Advanced Training

Our training exceeds the basic CASA syllabus whereby we include more advanced flight training and handling skills which will set you apart from the normal industry standard. You will be a better pilot, have improved skills, safe, competent and more employable.

Ideal Training Area

Our training area is the beautiful “Whitsundays” – includes mountain ranges, islands, outback desert country, remote landscapes and a coastal environment. Our region includes Class D & Class C airspace to ensure you’re commercially ready for any airport in Australia. Our region offers almost 365 days a year flying weather.


Our company and related businesses consistently produce exceptional helicopter pilots for Australia’s growing helicopter industry. From there move on to bigger & brighter futures such as IFR/EMS/Airwork/Sling Ops or overseas postings.

Variety of Work

Helibiz is also a Charter & Airwork operator since 1994. We own and operate approximately 20 helicopters conducting a variety of flying work such as Tourism, Offshore Marine Pilot Transfer (MPT), Mining Support, Power Line Inspection, Geo Survey, Film & Photographic, National & Marine Park patrols, and much more. Our aircraft include: Airbus EC130, EC120, Bell 206L3 Longrangers, Robinson R66, R44 and R22.

Modern Aircraft

Helibiz is Australia’s ROBINSON Distributor, so we always have late model aircraft for training which are maintained by our factory trained staff. The R44 is our primary machine used for training. Completing your training in the R44 accelerates your prospects of getting your first job, as most operators use the R44. Take the R44 course advantage! Turbine endorsements are also available in any of our turbine fleet to enhance your resume.

Our Location

Our showroom and training facilities at Helibiz Whitsunday are situated at Whitsunday Airport, in the heart of the Whitsunday Islands,
only 5 minutes from the popular tourist township of Airlie Beach. This unique location offers one of the best
topographic landscape and climates in the world.

Additional Information


Our experienced instructors are employed from a variety of flying backgrounds including tourism, remote, airwork, offshore/marine pilot transfer and military. Our instructors take the time to learn from each other to better pass on this valuable ‘group’ experience so that we are able to provide the best training outcomes possible for our students.

Approved Flight Examiner and Authorised Testing Officer. Des ensures that all of his instructors are regularly assessed to meet the exacting standards required of a professional instructor and ensures that Helibiz maintains its excellent reputation Based on over ‘25’ years of operation and ‘15’ years of helicopter flight instruction.

This enables us to progress through your training and ensure that all of our instructors are teaching you to the highest standard every step along the way in achieving your licence. As a unique personal school here to train each individual to be a professional helicopter pilot we pride ourselves on our ability to tailor our training to you! Every student is different and brings individual abilities. Focusing on your individual abilities allows us to adapt your training to assist you in reaching your goals. It’s through this effort that Helibiz instructors have gained our reputation of training to the highest standard.

Experience Required?


Just bring yourself! You don’t need any flying experience or an aeroplane licence to fly a helicopter.

We encourage you to visit us and take our Trial Introductory Flight (TIF) in one of our R22 or R44 helicopters over Airlie Beach. Cost is $399 and this flight goes towards your licence, should you choose to train with us. Flying time is 30min R22/20min R44.

This is a great way to see if helicopter flying is really for you and will give you an insight into helicopters before you commence your theory. After completing your TIF and deciding to move forward with your training you can discus your needs with one of our instructors -­‐ one on one -­‐ and we can demystify the process and requirements in achieving your goals.

You Don’t Need Any Flying Experience Or An Aeroplane Licence To Fly A Helicopter

CASA Requirements


To qualify for an Australian Pilot’s Licence you will need:

You will need to obtain an Aviation Reference Number (ARN) Form and an Aviation Security Identity Card (ASIC) Form. You can get these forms from the CASA website www.casa.gov.au Once you have filled in the forms get an Instructor to check the forms before sending them to CASA.

Note: Security checks and CASA processing can take a long time. Speak to an instructor to get the ball rolling on your CASA administration to reduce any training delays due to paperwork!