2007 Robinson R44 Raven II

$149,000 + GST

This R44 Raven II Helicopter could be great for someone wanting to get their commercial licence or two mates getting their private licence then rebuild the helicopter so you have another 12 years to run. Both Main and Tail Rotor blades have more time to run so they wouldn’t have to be changed at the 12 yearly.

Download Spec Sheet

  • +Airspeed Indicator
  • +Altimeter
  • +Ammeter
  • +Anti Col and Nav Lights
  • +Belly Hard Point
  • +Blade Tie Downs
  • +Cabin Heater and Defogger
  • +Cylinder Head Temp Gauge
  • +Door Locks
  • +Engine Oil Filter and Quick Drain
  • +Fuel Bladder Tanks
  • +Fuel Gauges
  • +Ground Handling Wheels
  • +Hour Meter
  • +Hydraulic Power Controls
  • +Intercom Switches
  • +Landing Lights
  • +Low Rotor RPM Horn
  • +Manifold Pressure Gauge
  • +Oil Temp and Pressure Gauges
  • +Panel and Map Lights
  • +Pilot Side Adjustable Pedals
  • +Quartz Clock
  • +Rotor Brake
  • +Rotor/Engine Dual Tacho
  • +RPM Throttle Governor
  • +Sound Damping Headliner
  • +Throttle Correlator
  • +Tinted Windows
  • +Tow Cart Adaptor
  • +Underseat Storage
  • +Vertical Speed Indicator
  • +Warning Lights