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Robinson Helicopter Company (RHC) plans to debut the new R44 Cadet in early 2016. While suitable for a wide variety of utility applications the main market in mind is flight training

The new Cadet is basically the same as an R44 Raven but the rear seats will be removed and the aft compartment reconfigured for cargo. The Max Gross weight will be approx. 90kg

less than a Raven I and the engine will be de-rated by 15 HP to provide an increase in performance margins at higher altitudes. Also a newly designed muffler will reduce the Cadets noise signature by more than 3 decibels than

current R44’s.

Optional equipment will be available including air conditioning, auto pilot and avionic packages designed for Night VFR and IFR training.

Certification is well underway with final flight tests  expected before Christmas.

RHC has said that the base price will be lower than the R44 Raven and this will be announced prior to the [...]

Up, up and away! Bell Long Ranger, VH-VTO’s journey through her 100 hourly service is now complete. The Helibiz engineers have been carrying out the service with some additional refurbishment and new leather interior. Hamilton Island Air who do many fantastic tours around the Whitsundays will be happy to have it back on the Island.

R44 on white haven beach Whitsundays_Aug-13_15 Whitsundays_Aug-13_20 Whitsundays_Aug-13_77R44 and women casual R44 cockpit over the reefEC130 whitsundays [...]

From start to finish: The Robinson R44 arrived at Helibiz from the United States in many different crates. The very skilful engineers here at Helibiz after only a few days of assembly are now excited to see the Helicopter finished. The aircraft has now been delivered to Hamilton Island Air, taking tourists to see the beautiful Whitsundays.

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