New R44 Raven I’s now 28volt system

All new R44 Raven I’s with the Lycoming O-540 Carburettor Engine will now be equipped with a 28v electrical system. RHC decided to upgrade the Ravens electrical system from the 12v to the 28v to further improve starting particularly in cooler climates. Helibiz will be taking delivery of the first two Australian 28v Ravens next month.

Autopilot Now Available on R44

The top selling R44 is now FAA approved for the same Genesys Aerosystems HeliSAS (Helicopter Stability Augmentation System) as the already approved R66 Turbine. Both of these systems offer workload-reducing features including basic stability augmentation, heading hold, altitude hold, navigation signal tracking and approach guidance. The difference is the autopilot now works in conjunction with […]

Success for PPL Theory Students

The recent Private Helicopter Theory Course conducted at Helibiz ran for approximately three weeks, Finally the students could put their aviation knowledge to the test and they’ve sat their exam with successful results. Unfortunately one students just missed out but will be able to re sit the exam in one week. The next PPL (H) theory course will be starting at […]

Private Heli Theory Course

Private Theory- PPL(H) Helibiz will be holding a theory course in Airlie Beach this coming February that is designed for those wanting to gain the theory component of a private helicopter license PPL(H). This course includes air-conditioned class room tuition with an experienced theory instructor plus Helibiz is a fully operational service centre with many different helicopter types which adds to your experience and training. When: 15th February – 4th […]

New R44 goes to Byron Bay

Rae and Victoria recently took delivery of their new R44 which is equipped with NVFR and the new Aspen Pro. Upgrading from their previous R22 Beta II two seater has proven to be a real winner with much more room for those extended weekends plus the extra speed is great. Rae and Victoria own and […]